Actions taken due to COVID-19 pandemic

In view of the current situation related to the COVID-19, we have introduced and are still working on a number of rules related to the stay at Amber Boutique Hotels.

The goal of the implemented procedures is:
* increasing the safety and health protection of employees and guests of the Property,
* minimizing the risk of infection of guests and other people, including suppliers,
* limiting the number of contacts within the Property within a given time period,
as part of protection against the risk of infection,
* comprehensive action adapted to the stage of advancement of the epidemic.

Ensuring security at Amber Boutique Hotels

  1. Guests and employees are required to cover the nose and mouth when staying in public areas.
  2. Guests and employees are required to respect the social distance between people (minimum 2 meters).
  3. There is an absolute ban on staying of unregistered people in the Property.
  4. A hand sanitizer is placed in the entrance hall of the Property with instructions how to properly disinfect the hands.
    Guests and employees are required to disinfect their hands each time they enter the building.
  5. The time spent by Guests in the lobby is limited to a minimum (preferred payment method: payment card).
    Max. the number of people staying at the same time in the lobby is 3 people.
  6. Instructions with the necessary telephone numbers for the sanitary-epidemiological station and the nearest infectious hospital are available in the Lobby :
    * How to apply and remove the mask correctly.
    * How to put on and take off gloves correctly.
    * Procedure in the event of a suspected coronavirus infection.
    * Preventive procedure in case of suspected infection
    * Security policy in connections with the COVID-19.
  7. In common toilets there are instructions for proper hand washing.
  8. All cleaning services in the rooms, toilets and public areas are carried out with particular emphasis on disinfecting touch surfaces - handrails, door handles, light switches, handles, chair handrails and flat surfaces, etc.
  9. Routine cleaning service will only take place upon the guest's special request.
  10. After each guest, routine cleaning of the room and disinfection of all touch surfaces (including chair backs), equipment (e.g. remote controls) and the bathroom and after cleaning the room is carried out. Cleaning staff are equipped with masks and gloves.
  11. Bedding and towels are handed over to a professional laundry room and washed at a minimum temperature 60°C with the addition of detergent.
    Hotel bedding is washed and delivered in a sanitary regime.
  12. The facility is forbidden to use hotel blow dryers in room bathrooms and common bathrooms.
  13. Whenever is possible, all rooms and areas in the Property are systematically ventilated.
  14. Breakfast is served only to Guests of the Facility in the form of boxes delivered directly to the rooms.
  15. In connection with the threat of COVID-19 virus, the Property has the right to suspend or limit services that would increase the threat to guests and staff (e.g. portage service, etc.).
  16. A room has been designated and prepared by the Management of the Property in which it will be possible to isolate the person temporarily in the event of disease symptoms.
    (including equipped with personal protective equipment and disinfectant).

The Facility Management requires guests to cooperate in complying with these Regulations, which is to ensure peace and security during the stay of our guests.

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